Sep 11 2020

Best Women On Top Sex To Try With Delhi Escorts

Some people love the sex situation where a woman dominates during sex. These sex positions are “woman on top”. There are so many variants of this amazing sex position. And if you have the hot Delhi girl to have sex in your bed, you will surely love these sex positions. The pleasure that one may feel when fucking hot Delhi escorts in these amazing sex positions is incomparable and gives you a wow experience. But, the major problem that one may face before trying these sex positions with sex girls like that of Delhi Escorts, is which sex position to prefer more. As I have already told you these sex position is multiple variants. And, therefore, if you have limited time to have sex, it is quite obvious to get confused about choosing the best ones to try.

Therefore, here I am to let you know some most pleasurable Women on top sex positions. And I bet you will surely love it if once tired. 

OK, let’s see some of the best ones.


It is quite an easy sex position to try. And both sex partners enjoy it equally. You will have an amazing sex experience if you try it once with sex beauties like that of Delhi Call Girls. In this sex position, firstly, the male partner should sit naked on something. He should sit like a chair. After that, the female partner should sit naked over him. Her front must be facing the front of the male partner. She should fold her legs in such a style that both her legs should be next to the respective legs of the male partner. Her cunt hole should be on the way to the dick of the male partner. So that the male partner may fuck the Delhi sexy girl at any time. Both her legs should be folded in a horizontal V position. Now, the position is complete, and the next move is the foreplay. The male partner should do foreplay things like kissing and grabbing boobs, neck, rubbing the cunt, and so on. These things make the girl excited, and once it happens the male partner should start fucking her right then. 

Champagne Room 

This sex position is almost similar to that of the Faceoff sex position with very little differences. And it gives an immense level of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. And if you try it with a hot Escort Service in Delhi, you may feel a wonderful pleasure sex experience that you may never have before.  In this sex position, everything goes almost the same as that of the Faceoff sex position. But, the only difference is that the back of the Delhi call girls faces the front of the male partner. And this sex position fits best for ass fucking. If the male partner wants to fuck the ass hole of the female partner, it is an amazing position to give a try. And the male partner feels a wow experience when fucking the girl.